Custom Sized Bangers

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DLQ-018-14 - Male 2mm Side Car Domeless Quartz

DLQ-027-14 -  Male 4mm side car Domeless Quartz

Flattop 4mm 

DLQ-050-14 - Male 2.5mm Side Car Domeless Quartz Big cup

DLQ-062-14 - Male Domeless Thermal 

DLQ-E20-2-14 - 20mm Bowl Male Electric Quartz Nail

DLQ-020-14 - Double Head Quartz Domeless Nail Male

DLQ-082-14 - Diamond Knot Banger

DLQ-092-14 - Please See Attached Image 

DLQ-094-14 - Flat Top Male

DLQ-096-14 - Flattop Top XL-Male 

DLQ-100-14 - Domeless Quartz Nail-Male

DLQ-102-14 - FlatTop Thick Base Banger 25mm Cup With Slitted Insert Male Joint 14mm

DLQ-122-14 - Male Banger With Color Based Bottom

DLQ-116-14 - Male Banger With White Base

DLQ-118-14 - Color Quartz Sand Male

DLQ-126-14 - Male Recycler Banger With Carb Cap And Spinner

DLQ-128-14 -  Please See Attached Image 

DLQ-136-14   Splash Guard 25mm Flat

DLQ-138-14 - Please See Attached Image 

DLQ-140-14 - Please See Attached Image 

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